Project Management


JSB Facilities Consultants, Inc. provides supervision over the complex process of a construction and/or relocation project.  Our team of consultants has a proven track record for creative planning, knowledge in identifying viable options and solutions to problems, and strategic implementation.


As Project Manager/Owner’s Representative, JSB acts as the team leader and provides, not a redundancy of services, but supervision over all resources responsible for the design and implementation of the construction process.  With extensive experience on the client side of the design and construction equation, and with resources from the general contracting field, JSB offers expertise and commitment to securing a quality project at the best price within the most expedient timeframe.


What about cost?  Hiring a Project Manager can more than pay for itself by the savings realized from the lack of expensive Change Orders, often unnecessary, which increase both the design and construction costs of a project.  Additionally, this resource is strictly variable labor to the owner—no permanent employment expenses such as benefits and overhead to be incurred.



Services Provided: